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New Year, Same You, or is it....

I always love the idea of a New Year. That sense of hope or belief in change that can happen with a new beginning. It can afford us with the opportunity to look back on the past year and take stock of all that has transpired, the good, the bad, and the unfortunate. When my mother passed away my brother said that he got a sense of her telling him that "Time is not what we think it is." The idea of time being relative is not a new concept, and certainly in metaphysics the nature of temporal reality is examined and confronted. Even Einstein, spoke about time being an illusion of sorts. This can be a powerful concept to play around with in our minds. Perhaps, it can allow us to release our "old" versions of ourselves that we have accrued over time. If we see time as more flexible than certainly we can shake off these old scripts that no longer serve us and create a new story, a new "you," a new vision of what life can be. As we get older, carrying the weight of those old stories, the hurts, the pain, the anger, the losses, can be such a burden. What if we don't have too? What if we use this as an opportunity to forgive ourselves for not being perfect parents, spouses, friends, workeres, etc.. If we stop blaming ourselves or even others for the circumstances in our lives or the things that we do not like. Maybe the time ahead of us, or this very moment, has more meaning than all of the time that has passed. This is in no way meant to imply that people bypass the work of healing past trauma, etc. but rather as an exercise in looking at the fluidity of our thoughts and our ability to view ourselves in the space of time. Anyone who has worked on healing childhood trauma or any past trauma in therapy can tell you that working in the present can help heal the past. Which is in itself a time twister.

2020 was a year like no other that I can remember. One of the positives for me was the opportunity to slow down, to re-evaluate how to spend time. To re-consider aspects of my life and relationship to others that I might not otherwise have done. I feel a desire to re-commit to my own health, physical, mental, and spiritual. To dive back into my mindfulness practice, remembering spirit and prayer, figuring out how to find time for myself to relax and de-stress. I also feel the pull to social and racial justice, putting time and effort to be a part of the change, to be a stronger ally, to educate and to listen. And last, but not least to our Mother Earth, our planet. How do we ensure that we are preserving this land to pass on to our children, to the next generation, and so on. The environment benefitted from our standing a little more still. Perhaps there are ways of envisioning the world and the workforce that are less toxic to the planet and cause less pollution.

So, this New Year, as I look back I will work on letting go of that which does not serve me, forgiving myself and others, editing my story of myself just a little. I will start in time with the intention of being more present, of healing old wounds and letting go, and being a part of the movement for social justice and change. To quote William Shakespeare " Time is very slow for those who wait. Very fast for those who are scared. Very long for those who lament. Very short for those who celebrate. But for those who love, time is eternal." So, maybe Time is not what we think it is.....

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