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Schedule a consultation 

Initial consultations can be scheduled by calling  973-559-7805 or the Brooklyn Minds Intake Team at 929- 296-1624 or directly through the website:

5-10-minute phone call- can be scheduled by calling 973-559-7805 | Complimentary


Initial Consultation 

90-120 minutes | call for fees


The initial Consultation includes a thorough review of the individual’s Psychiatric and Medical history.  Based on the initial consultation, a diagnostic assessment will be made and discussed with the individual.  A treatment plan will be recommended and tailored to meet the individual’s needs.  This will include sophisticated laboratory assessment, counseling on diet, and when appropriate, the addition of nutritional supplements as well as discussion of environmental influences that impact health.  I prescribe traditional psychotropic medications, in addition to evidence- based complementary and holistic treatments.  


Services Offered

Medication Management - 30 minute sessions.  Ranges in frequency from 2-4  weeks from initial session to every 1-3 months for existing patients.  


Fees - please contact myself or Brooklyn Minds intake team to discuss fees and potential insurance coverage


Payment Methods

are by Ivy pay, a HIPPA compliant payment method, or directly through Brooklyn Minds/Insurance


I am now pleased to report I will be taking Cigna insurance through Brooklyn Minds.  My private practice does not accept insurance.    All services are provided out of network.  Please check with your individual plan to determine what your deductible is and what your out of network benefits cover. The billing code for an initial consultation is GT90792.

ted forms of payment include Venmor,  PayPal.



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